Joe Lawton


This site has a little bit of everything about me, from my profession in the Information Technology field to my hobbies and passions of photography, storm spotting and the paranormal realm.


My Background

I have a slightly unique background that I am constantly adapting. Originally starting with basic computer technology, I shifted to website design. While still in high school, I picked up a couple of freelance website design clients. Then, while attending the University of Missouri - Rolla (now MST), I was hired to work for one of the professors to handle his websites.

Seeing as how I was actually making a little money at this, I knew I had to expand my talent in making websites more unique and well designed. I shifted my focus from Electrical Engineering to Visual Communications with an emphasis on Website Design. I moved to Arizona, where I continued to do a little more freelance work while going to college. Upon completion, I moved back to Missouri and continued working freelance on websites but also staying in the realm of computer repair and maintenance.

Fast forward to 2015, and I am active in both realms simultaneously. In fact, it has come in essential as I am now merging intranet websites with database access to provide customized reports and dashboards.

A little of this, some more of that...

Joe MusicI tend to keep a wide variety of interests, it helps keep things interesting! Besides what is listed here, I also try to unwind by playing the guitar or piano, drawing, planning out home improvement ideas, and sketching out crazy inventions and ideas!


New Hobby

Audio Editing

To expand upon the music hobby, I am now exploring the fine art of audio restoration. Using digital audio recording equipment and Adobe Audition software, I'm tackling the challenge of bringing old reel-to-reel audio tapes from the early 90's back to life.


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